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Register for Troop 633

  1. Complete Steps 1-4 below

  2. Proceed to Optional Items Below

  3. Whether you have questions and would like to speak about our program or you are in the process of signing up below, please let us know by Contacting Us! 

Step 1


  1. Print out Application

  2. Return to Troop at Next Meeting

Step 2

Submit Fees

Whether you have a Paypal account or want to pay with Credit Card, Click on the submit payment button below to Issue Payment

NOTE: If you wish to pay cash/check, please make arrangements with Troop's Treasurer

Step 3

Complete Health forms

The Boy Scouts of America requires health forms to be completed for a scout to participate in any event. Only Part A & B need to be completed for registration.  For those going to Summer Camp, Part C is also mandatory and must be completed by a physician EXACTLY as indicated. 

Step 4

Media consent form

The 633 Family of Scouting respects the privacy of all. The attatched form provides the guidlines in which pictures to promote our program will be posted. Parents are to review and return 

Step 5

Uniform Info.

There are two uniform types required for scouting:

1. Class A Uniform - Issued by the Boy Scouts of America, it's a formal Uniform worn at ALL meetings, Court of Honors & Formal Citizenship Events

2. Class B Uniform - Issued by Troop 633, Class B uniforms are worn at all other scouting events and campouts. Shows unity and allows scouts to be more easily located on trips. 

Optional Items


  1. Optionally browse  Additional Resources such as Equipment Lists on our Forms & Docs page

  2. Optionally print out calendar. For best results, choose week/month/agenda  view. Next, toggle Committee calendar  on/off by click not the small down arrow on the right,  then click on the "Print" icon and choose desired date range when prompted. 



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